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Aidpage Open Letter: Homeless means no place to sleep in Salem Oregon

Dave H started this conversation

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
John Kitzhaber, Governor of Oregon;
US Senators from Oregon: Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden;
US Representatives from Oregon: David Wu, Earl Blumenauer, Greg Walden, Kurt Schrader, Peter A. DeFazio;

Homeless People In Salem Oregon Are On A Merry-Go-Round.


What is a Homeless person, are their needs the same as ours, Can they really find work?

Hello, I am the founder of Reach 4 Salem; being homeless for over three years and I feel blessed by God. I have seen situations of hopelessness’; theft, bodily harm, hunger, sickness, lack of money for x-rays, operations, prescriptions and a place to sleep. Not all Homeless People drink or take drugs or are bad, most are only trying to survive. Other Homeless people would love to find work and get out of the streets.


Living in the street is not easy, you are forced to carry your necessities in your back pack or have them stolen. Ride a bicycle or walk, live in a tent, under an awning or cardboard, inside an abandon car, walk all night to keep warm. The Homeless people can not get a job without the proper clothing, transportation, resume, shower or clean clothes.  I have two part time jobs and still I have to sleep in my car. Both of my part time jobs do not have a consistent pay-check every two weeks to cover rent and pay bills.


Finding a job is getting harder in our economy today, even if you have reliable transportation, daily shower, groomed and proper clean clothing. The employment centers are very over crowded, and so are the temp agencies. Anybody can become homeless, especially if you are living from paycheck to paycheck. I do not fly a sigh although I know plenty of Homeless that do. Flying a sigh is very long and tedious work. It is an all day job, or normally you have enough for your purpose or it’s the necks Homeless persons turn. Then you have the scammers in the parking lot or in the stores that gives you a story, this is illegal. Then you have some of the Homeless with a cell phone these people are usually users (hooked on drugs). So how do you know witch person flying a sign; is in need of basic needs such as, rent, gas, food, or a drink? You would have to get to know them.


Who can help the Homeless to get off the streets and into a job? The basic need of a Homeless person is shelter, sleeping bag, underwear, socks and shoes. Food is supplied from Shelters, or what we call an outside feeding, put on by Churches, and Organizations.

The Homeless are everywhere; we see, hear, help and, protect each other. Being Homeless is a no win situation with out help. The Homeless need help that will create jobs such as a civilian training camp that can help our economy by bringing back Mom and Pop stores. www.reach4salem.orghas the formula. Questions


Thank you Very much Dave 


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worried daughter748
Salem's need to open a parking program for the homeless that have little to no income.
Talk to worried daughter748